Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Subbing for Peanut Butter

I miss peanut butter. So does my husband. While I know some people with PA kids manage to keep it safely in their homes, hidden away and brought out only for the occasional careful indulgence, I tossed the lethal (yet tasty) spread out; neither of us have eaten it since DJ's diagnosis. Last week, I picked up a jar of SunButter, sunflower seed spread that is completely peanut and nut free at Whole Foods. While it's runnier than peanut butter, it's a tasty alternative and better than dry toast!


  1. I agree with the feeling completely. I am a DIE HARD fan of peanut butter. However both my kids are anaphlactic to peanuts. I cannot even think of having a jar of peanut butter at home. My substitute has been SUNBUTTER. As you stated it is a little runny, and giving myself time to adjust, it has become the butter(spread) of choice. YUMMO!!

  2. I find it you mix it up really well, the sunbutter is an AMAZING alternative. We really love it in our home. Give it another try.