Tuesday, February 23, 2010

While my hub and I remain diligent in ensuring DJ avoids all contact with peanuts and tree nuts, our real hope is that he one day he will outrgrow his allergy. While we've certainly become accustomed to our new lifestyle, I have frequent bouts of anxiety worrying about DJ's future, when I am no longer with him every minute of the day to control what he eats. Will the lessons that we are teaching him now keep him safe?

Of course, a cure would be great too! And it looks like there could be some hope, according to this article in the Toronto Star. While two or three years to a cure sounds like it is still in the distant future, it seems like warp speed compared to the development of other disease treatments. So let's keep our fingers crossed!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Nut Free Bakery!

Thanks to a reader for bringing my attention to Half-Baked Ideas, another nut-free bakery by Mount Pleasant and Davisville. The pull apart cakes look great. While the location may be out of the way for me, it looks like a great option for mid-towners!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pizza Express

Pizza Express was listed on a UK-based allergy website as a potential safe place to eat. After this response, I think we'll have to give it a miss. While it does look they are very allergy aware, I'm simply not comfortable given the variety of different nuts being used. I think its just easier - and safer - to pick a place that don't have a lot of nutty items to start with.

Thank you for your email.
We use various nut items within our menu items that contain nuts, such as pine nuts, pistachio nuts, peanuts etc.
Our menu states that the items listed with the 'n' symbol next to them denotes that that item contains nuts as an ingredient or as a topping.
Kitchen staffs are trained to ensure that when they are notified of a nut allergy customer (which is not uncommon) they do take extra care during preparation and cooking to prevent possible cross contamination.
We do have nut items in the kitchens which we recommend are used from dispensing bottles to prevent cross contamination such as spillages & drops onto other products. We also have a storage policy for ensuring nut items are stored at bottom of fridges etc. to prevent cross contamination.
I must stress that despite all these measures, PizzaExpress could not offer (as with many other restaurants) a 100% guarantee that cross contamination could not occur.
I recommend that if you wish to discuss your allergy and preventative
procedures at your local restaurant, please contact the manager directly.
I hope this information has helped you, if we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us again

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Wagama is chain of Japanese restaurants in London. I've heard lots of good things about it and its come up in a few searches on peanut-free eating in London. I enquired yesterday about the potential for eating there safely on our upcoming holiday. Here's the response I got.


thank you for contacting us
we recognise that many of our customers do have various dietary needs and we try to cater to them as best we can. on our website you will find our dietary requirements page with different lists containing options for most requirements, I have provided a link for you:
I can assure you that there will be no case of cross-contamination but I do encourage you to advise your server once you are seated for further assistance
many thanks

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

London Calling!

We're just weeks away from booking our first trip in years! Both my husband and I love to travel; before DJ, we swore having a tot wouldn't change our travel habits.

What a reality check! While we used to try and get away at least twice a year, we haven't been away since December of 2006. That's the longest we've went in our 17 years together without hearing the satisfying sound of a passport stamp.

But now, with house renos under control and my 40th birthday looming we're back at it. This time it's London! Neither of us have been to Europe since our honeymoon in the Czech Republic, more than 12 years ago, so it's sure to be a treat.

At the same time, I'm already anxious about eating out with DJ so often. One reason we picked London is that at least there will be no language barriers to contend with when trying to find a safe restaurant.

Any suggestions for safe eating out in London?