Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cottage Anxiety

An invite to a friend's cottage has sparked some anxiety over how to handle DJ's peanut allergy safely. It's a cottage we've been to many times; our friends, from out of country, come back yearly and make the trek north to their beloved family compound. While I'm sure they'll understand our situation and take the necessary precautions around ingredients and food handling, I'm still nervous. In previous years, there have snacks galore heaped on a buffet table in the main room and its always brimming with nutty treats. As well, with young kids of their own, I'm sure peanut butter will be on the menu. Can I really ask them to put these types of items away while visiting their own home? For my own son's safety, I'm going to have to, but I'm sure I'll feel awkward about it.

Any insights into how to approach these types of issues would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to comment.

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