Monday, July 6, 2009

Pizza Hut

We're hotel-bound on the outskirts of Pembroke after our camping trip is waylaid by bad weather and a shattered rear window. Delivery choices are limited, and pizza seems like a relatively safe bet. Still after a call to Pizza Hut I am still unsure as to what their allergen policy is, even after speaking with the on-duty manager. Even though the pizza dough, sauce and toppings contain no peanuts or nuts, I am told that the ingredients may have come from a facility where peanuts or nuts are processed. We decline to order based on the notion that there may be trace amounts of allergens in the food as a result of the manufacutring process. Given that other pizza makers can guarantee no nuts, I'm disappointed that a chain as big as Pizza Hut can't. We try 2-4-1 instead, with more success.

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