Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fresh Wood Grill

The Fresh Wood Grill in Long Branch is the newest location in this small local chain. While we've eaten at the Roncesvalles location before, it was before DJ's peanut allergy was diagnosed. The menu looks peanut and nut free and a conversation with the chef confirms that they can accommodate our allergy concerns. While there are nuts available on some of the desserts in a glass-fronted cabinet, the chef assures me that he will take every precaution to ensure no cross contamination, including using clean pans and utensils and thoroughly wiping down the counter and washing his hands before any food is handled. With a selection of fresh local produce and organic meats turned into tasty treats like The Cuban, a slow-roasted pork sandwich with chipotle mayo, this is one place we'll be sure to try next time we brave lunch out.

Always do your own research.

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