Friday, March 26, 2010

Two Epipens are better than one

That's according to an article in today's Globe and Mail that says kids with potential for anaphylactic food reactions should carry two epipens instead of one. We always carry two, and on the plane to London, will be toting around four! Our allergist suggested taking all of them on board in the event of a reaction, and once in London, to leave two at our apartment in the event anything happens to the two we carry on us at all times. Of course, we've got our fingers crossed for a safe flight. We'll be packing all of our own food - for all of us. That way, there will be no temptation for little hands to grab at food that potentially isn't safe.

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  1. Same here. My son always carries 2 epi-pens. When we went to Florida I also brought 2 extras, just in case.
    You probably already know, but make sure you get a letter from your allergist stating that your child requires his epi-pens on him during the flight ... otherwise security may confiscate them b/c they are a 'weapon'.
    Also, make sure to tell the airline crew that your child is anaphylactic to peanuts ... when we did that the crew made an announcement that there was a child on board with a peanut allergy and for people to please refrain from eating peanuts on the flight. They can't demand but the majority of people will understand.
    Have an awesome trip!! England is one of my top places I want to visit. :)