Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Browns Bar and Brasserie

I've been trying to do as much research as possible to find safe places to eat while we're in London. Here's the response I got from Browns Bar and Brasserie. With six locations in London (including one in the neighborhood where we're staying) this looks like a good option for us. While the risk statement regarding the supply chain is somewhat worrisome, careful ordering of dishes that use only fresh ingredients, avoiding fried foods, and asking lots of questions should help avoid that issue.


Thank you for your enquiry

With regard to your enquiry on an allergy awareness program within our restaurants we have a number of practices in place.
Our teams under-go Basic Food Hygiene which covers cross-contamination.
We are regularly audited by an independent company to check all of our practices and likewise our area managers conduct regular audits on their visits.
Awareness of the risks of cross contamination is therefore very strong.
The menu states that there is a risk that traces of nuts may be in all dishes due to the realities of our supply chain where 100% guarantees cannot be given since factories may use nuts in other areas etc.
We do knowingly add nuts to a number of dishes and have the right training and procedure to ensure we avoid cross-contamination.

Like yourself I have a 2.5 year old who has allergies including some nuts and my wife has a more severe nut allergies to him.
I have no reservations in regularly eating in our restaurants with both of them.

I hope my response offers the assurance you need to visit Browns in the near future with your family

Paul Hulyer
Snr Marketing Manager, Browns Bar & Brasserie
07808 09 5163

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