Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Keg

My in-laws took my husband, DJ and I out for a lovely early birthday celebration on Saturday. I had heard good things about the Keg with respect to allergies and had called ahead to find out what precautions they would take. I was told to ask for the manager upon arrival and to remind our server when we ordered.

The manager on duty was extremely helpful, and said that once we had decided what DJ wanted to eat, they would check it against their allergy binder. My only real beef is that I would have preferred to look at the binder myself so that I could check what my husband and I would be eating as well in case DJ wanted to try a nibble.

Still, I was told the menu items that weren't safe (there were only a few) and was told that all of the kids items (except the chicken fingers) were safe for both peanut and nut allergy. We passed on the fries, knowing deep-fried items are always sketchy and ordered the daily vegetable for DJ instead with baked potatoes for ourselves.

The waiter seemed very attentive and assured us both when we ordered the food and once it arrived that it had been prepared in a special area. All in all, a great experience.

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