Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting Lazy - Part II

I take any chance I can get to make routines with DJ fun, and that includes dinner. We've dubbed Wednesday "Pizza Wednesdays" in our house as a way to break the monotony of cooking every night during the week. It's a break for me - and for my husband and DJ too - since we can just sit around and relax while we wait for dinner to be delivered. Last night, we sat on the deck and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather.

Every time I order from Pizza Nova I diligently ask about its peanut-free status. There is a note on our file and every week I get the same response - that there are no peanuts or nuts in any of the regular menu items.

But again, I feel like I'm getting sloppy and I'm worried about the consequences. Last night, distracted by a tot crawling up my leg, I put my order in over the phone without asking about the peanut/nut status. We even ordered a different menu item - a Caesar salad. When the pizza arrived and I realized my error, I felt badly about my complacency. The package of dressing had the ingredients listed and it was nut free so there was no problem, and I called Pizza Nova back to reconfirm. Still, it's instances like this where I realize that my laziness would cost my son his health.

We've got an appointment with DJ's allergist next week for a 'refresher' course on epipen administration and a general discussion about handling air travel and eating out to prep us for our trip.

I want to make sure we're safe. I'm going to redouble my efforts to maintain diligence.

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