Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting Lazy - Better Smarten Up

I'm getting lazy; not just about posting but the important stuff too - checking every label every time. Friday after work, I whipped to the grocery store. Hoping to get home before DJ and his dad arrived home from their walk down to the lake, I sped through the grocery store, tossing in mostly the same items I buy every week. But this week, I grabbed a jar of President's Choice Olives, stuffed with garlic. I'm not sure why I didn't read the label; maybe because I was in a hurry, or maybe because I usually buy Sardo olives, which are safe. Whatever the reason, I didn't read the label. Then, Sunday at home, lazing in front the of the TV and craving a snack I popped the jar open and put a few in a small dish out on coffee table. Then, remembering I hadn't read the label jumped up and rushed back into the kitchen. The label read "may contain tree nuts" Yikes. DJ was in bed, so we ate the olives without incident, but now there is an unsafe item in our house. The jar now has a sticky note on it with a warning, but it just goes to show that getting lazy happens, and that getting lazy can potentially be very dangerous. My husband often puts olives on our home-made pizza he makes at least once a week. Granted, DJ always picks them off, but that doesn't mean he couldn't have a reaction from one touching his food.

While it's a lesson learned about consistently reading labels, it does worry me. We'll have to re-double our efforts to ensure we're consistently careful. Not just when we're not in a hurry to get the grocery shopping done.

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  1. It's sometimes hard not not become complacent about label checking. It's usually second nature for all of us with food allergies but we all get in a rush at times. I like to do a triple check ... when I put the item in the cart at the food store, when I put the item away at home and then again before I serve it.

    Like you, I've missed a label when food shopping but at least when you double (or triple check) the 'may contain' products have a harder time slipping through the cracks.

    My oldest son (who has the peanut allergy) has caught some errors on my (or other family member's) parts. At only 10 yrs old, he's a seasoned label checker already. :)