Friday, October 30, 2009

Tips for Anaphylaxis Canada for a Safe Halloween

Here are some tips from Anaphylaxis Canada for a safe and fun Halloween, pasted straight from the source:

Halloween is fast approaching. As the kids get ready to have some fun, remember some key rules to keep them allergy-safe while trick-or-treating.
For parents of children at-risk:
Be organized
- Have children accompanied by an adult when out
- Ensure that children carry an epinephrine auto-injector (EpiPen or Twinject) and wear MedicAlert identification
Be proactive
- Serve a hearty dinner before venturing out so children will be less tempted to snack enroute
- Emphasize the no eating rule when they are out
Check all treats
- Ask the children to wash their hands as soon as they return home
- Have the children sort through the candy with an adult at the end of the evening
- Read the label carefully on each treat - no label, no candy
- Consider donating the extra treats to your local food bank
For the community:
- Don't be shy - ask when kids come to the door: Does anyone have a food allergy?
- Be prepared - have food packages and their labels nearby, so you can check ingredients if asked
- Think outside the candy box - if in doubt, have non-candy treats, such as stickers or trading cards available
We wish you all a happy and safe Halloween!
Anaphylaxis Canada

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