Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finding New Holiday Favourites

While we're definitely getting used to living in the shadow of the peanut, there are certain times when we're reminded just how much things have changed since DJ's peanut allergy. The holidays is one of them. With Thanksgiving coming up, I need to prepare a dish to take to my in-laws for a potluck celebration. Even though I haven't used nuts in any dish for at least the last six months, all I can seem to think about are nutty dishes; green beans with toasted almonds, roasted sweet potato casserole with walnuts, pecan get the idea.

Since this is the first real holiday since DJ's diagnosis, it looks like I'm going to have my work cut out for me finding some new nut-free favourites; the old ones, fading into distant (and tasty) memory, of a time when cooking and eating didn't seem quite so dangerous.

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  1. Here is a link to an article on this topic from Allergic Living Magazine (great mag by the way).

    My daughter is 6 (treenut and peanut allergy) we have known since she was 3. It has gotten a little better over time, some people get it and some don't. What helps is that now that she's older she knows not to just take anything without checking. However, it still does create anxiety. I never before paid attention to how people really like their nuts, whoa! I find you have to constantly remind others, I have heard too many times, oh I forgot! We've decided to leave if actual nuts are served. My sister in law probably gets it the most, always checks with me and uses safe ingredients. My niece who's 8 does not have allergies, but has a few friends, so she gets it! We were there on Sunday for a party and I thanked her for being so accomodating.