Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Safe Trick-or-Treating Strategies

For weeks now my husband and I have been debating strategies around safe trick-or-treating. Do we let DJ collect everything and anything and switch it later for a bag full of safe treats provided by us? Or we do go through his booty at the end of the night while he watches? There seem to be pros and cons for each. I'm unsure he's really old enough to understand why we're likely to take a large portion of his candy away. At the same time, he has to learn sometime. But is two too young? I don't know.

I've also heard about the concept of pre-stocking the houses you know you will visit with safe treats. I'm not too keen on that idea; it seems pushy and intrusive to me. Besides, most of our neighbors know about DJ's peanut allergy so hopefully they will have stock up on peanut-free safe treats for him.

No matter what we decide on, DJ's safety will remain our top priority. I'm sure he'll have a great Halloween either way.

Any other strategies would be greatly welcome!

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