Monday, October 19, 2009

Chudleighs Redux

Saturday we headed out to Milton on to hit Chudleighs, with the idea we would pick some apples, and visit the entertainment area for kids. With no allergy information available on the website, and no one answering the phone, we headed out with our own snacks packed in case we weren't able to purchase safe food there. The $7 entrance fee was well worth it with wagon rides, a petting zoo, slides and antique tractors for climbing. After two hours, we were all ready for a snack. With all of the baked goods carrying a 'may contain' warning, we weren't comfortable ordering food from the main concession where the infamous apple blossoms were also being served. We headed out to the BBQ area instead, were sausages and fresh corn on the cob were being served. While the teenage worker had no idea about the allergy content of the buns, a quick look at the bag confirmed they were safe. While there was no information on the sausages, we both felt confident there would be no problem. I have yet to see any sort of standard meat product that contains nuts or any sort of warning. Same thing with the corn. The worker assured me the corn went straight on the BBQ with only butter brushed on. DJ loves corn on the cob, so we ordered some up, brushed on extra butter and enjoyed our snack in the warm fall sun.

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