Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hummous on the Loose

I ended up bringing the marked hummous to work. Even though I'd marked each of the individual containers with thick black marker, I was uncomfortable even having it in the fridge. While DJ isn't really big enough to help himself to snacks, he often grabs things randomly while its open when I'm cooking dinner. The one thing that is still really bothering me is that the carton had 12 individual packs in it; I only have 11. My husband didn't eat one, and neither did I. I've looked around the kitchen, under the cabinets and in all of the usual nooks and cranny's and it still hasn't turned up. Maybe it fell out in the store cart, the parking lot or is still in the trunk. In any event, there is one loose and potentially dangerous mini tub of hummous out there. I don't think DJ would be able to open it, but I'm still extremely concerned about its whereabouts. ]

BTW...here's a link to our favourite donkey, Buddy, from the sanctuary. He managed to sneak up on me twice.

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