Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Slip

Yesterday, I dashed out to do the grocery shopping while DJ was taking a nap. Costco was overwhelmingly busy, so much so I was directed to park in the shipping dock! Anyways, I was tired and crabby and wishing I was home. I was also disorganized; I felt scattered and unsure of exactly what I needed to buy in order to avoid a second trip to the grocery store. I saw a snack pack size of hummous. Most of the time hummous has been a safe choice for us and DJ likes it. I dropped a box in my cart after quickly reading the label.

Clearly I didn't read it carefully enough. Even after I got home I glanced at the label and put the individual packets on the snack shelf in the fridge.

Today, with plans to go to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada (in Guelph) I wanted to pack a picnic. I immediately thought of the hummous packs. I'm always cautious about giving DJ untried products in situations like that - unless they actually have a peanut free label. All of a sudden I felt unsure about the hummous and dug the packaging out of recycling. Under the ingredients, there is a clear warning about the product being processed in a manufacturing facility that uses nuts. I don't know how I could have missed that the first two times I looked at the package - but I did. Yikes.

It seems like lots of times that I buy a new product I find myself slipping. Grocery shopping entails looking literally dozens of labels and sometimes unsafe items slip through the cracks. Most often when its when I'm in a rush, or don't know exactly what I'm buying.

Still - no excuses. I've got to be more careful.

While we don't stock "may contain" items in our house, I'm also not going to throw out food that I've accidentally bought; it's just too wasteful. IN this case, I marked each package with a big "NO" in thick black marker and put them out of DJ's reach.

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  1. Love the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, the donkey talks are so informative, and the kids love petting the Donkeys.

    stress and food labeling reading should not go together.