Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Novel Approach

I've read alot of about the potential of immunotherapies to treat peanut allergy, or the possibility or developing a vaccine. But what about an allergy-free peanut? The US Department of Agriculture is working on it. While its a fantastic idea, my initial thought was how one would know the origin of any peanut in question. All of the research being done does give me hope that one day DJ's peanut allergy will be a distant bad memory. Even though we have managed over the last year very well, with no allergic reactions, there is no denying it has had a profound impact on all of our lives. It's created extreme stress and sadness and much anxiety. Its changed lots of aspects of our daily lives - from how much we eat out to what type of vacations we take. It's caused tension with friends that don't understand or can't appreciate the extent to which DJ's diet must be monitored. Most importantly, there is legitimate fear for DJ's long-term safety. Will my darling boy, who loves all things construction, make it to a ripe old age? I can't even think of the alternative; it's too painful to contemplate. Still, with peanut allergy there is a heightened risk. Hopefully the USDA, or some other researcher, can put an end to it.

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  1. You put a lot of what I feel/fear very eloquently. Here's to keeping our sweet boys safe. The one way I try to make myself feel better is to remember how happy I am that ds has come into our lives, peanut allergy and all.