Monday, July 5, 2010

Ribfest Round-Up

Ribfests and summer go hand in hand in Ontario. For years, my husband and I have taken in at least one a season. Last year, we shied away because of DJ's peanut and nut allergy, simply assuming it would be unsafe. This year, I took a more proactive approach and decided to at least contact a couple of 'ribbers' (as they call themselves) to find out if attending was a possibility. Plus, I really wanted a bloomin' onion.

Even though the Toronto Ribfest in Centennial Park has now passed, with a couple of other coming up before the summer is over, and lots of the same outlets at attending each one, I thought I'd post the list of those I contacted with the responses from those that replied.

I contacted the following outlets:

Crabbys BBQ
Bad Wolf BBQ
Camp 31 BBQ

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