Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nut Free Gourmet

A couple of months ago, on the way back to work from a lunchtime appointment, I grabbed a grilled cheese sandwich from The Leslieville Cheese Market on Queen. I picked up a roll of Nut Free Gourmet chocolate chip cookie dough and threw it in the freezer at work, hoping to remember it on the way home. I didn't. Weekends in a row, I remembered the seemingly abandoned cookie dough while at home, wishing for a peanut and nut-free baked snack (and too lazy to whip up my own). Anyways, I finally remembered the dough last week in time for a neighborhood bbq. I baked them up Friday night; totally delicious! They never made it to the Bbq. I polished off half of them lazing on the couch, watching the tubie, while my hub ate the remainder after I went to bed. In any event, it looks like they've got lots of retail locations. I'll be sure to pick some up the next time I see it.

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