Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pizza Pizza

I'm starting to find the contradictory information offered up by certain companies more than a little frustrating.

Take Pizza Pizza for example. To start, the allergen information was not easily accessible. After digging around on the website for nearly ten minutes with no luck, I emailed the company. A rep responded that I should check the website. Like I would have never thought of that...

I did end up finding it, and in my opinion, its information like this that is virtually useless for someone with allergies.

The product list states that there are no peanuts or tree nuts in any products. However, this is the statement found lower down the page:

"If you have a food allergy, please be aware that Pizza Pizza products may have come into contact with nuts, peanuts and other possible allergens such as shellfish. Pizza Pizza is a restaurant environment, serving foods that are not in sealed packages. Therefore, we unfortunately cannot guarantee a 100% allergy-free environment."

So does the pizza at pizza pizza contain peanuts and tree nuts or not? I can't tell from this statement. Looks like the company wants to avoid any liability.

Since their pizza sucks, I'd be unlikely to eat there anyways. But I am increasingly irritated with companies with wishy-washy statements like that.

Shit, or get off the pot.

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