Thursday, September 10, 2009

Doesn't It Just Frost You?

Doesn't it just frost you? Apparently, a saying that would elicit both a giggle and eye-roll from my husband when his mom's friend would use it to express irritation years ago.

Well...Duncan frost me. After going to pick up both a cake mix and frosting, I was surprised to see that all of their frostings and nearly half of their cake mixes all carry the warning that they were manufactured on equipment that also processes tree nuts.

I get that not every food maker can manufacture their products in a peanut or nut free facility, but considering that at least half of Duncan Hines' items don't carry that warning, and frosting and cake go hand in hand, it seems like they could make their frostings on a safe line.

All of the brownies are off-limits too.

Betty Crocker, on the other hand, offers lots of nut free frostings and brownies. Nearly all of their cake mixes seem to be nut free too - strangely enough - even the Butter Pecan. I'd be skeptical about serving that one up!

1 comment:

  1. We have always used Betty Crocker for our son who is allergic to all nuts and recently I saw the Butter Pecan cake mix making me totally freak out! *LOL* They did reassure me that it is made with artificial flavoring not natural however....I agree with you not willing to try it!!

    Have you tried the brownies? I have always shied away from them out of fear but would love to try it.