Friday, September 4, 2009

Our New Product Policy for Road Trips

With another trip to the lake planned for this weekend, I've been busy getting our food supplies ready. The whole process underscores how critical it is to be careful about reading labels and feeling comfortable with any food-related decisions, both at home and when travelling.

One thing both my husband and I agree on is that we won't feed DJ any new packaged products that he hasn't already tried before when we're at the lake since it's at least a thirty minute drive to the nearest hospital.

With the weather turning more chilly, I've packed individual brown sugar and oatmeal packs for breakfasts. While there's no peanuts or nuts indicated on the packaging, in keeping with our previous decision, I tested it out on DJ this morning. I served it up topped with sliced bananas, and a little dollop of whipped cream. No problems! Except that my picky little eater only ate three spoonfuls before he declared "all done" and flung his bowl on the floor. Thankfully, our dog is not as picky, and did the bulk of the clean-up.

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