Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cafe Du Lac

After not venturing out to eat for months, we decided it was time to give brunch a whirl. It's one of my favourite ways to spend a Sunday morning and with the forecast calling for sun I was craving a patio. I started thinking of potential locations for our first foray back into eating out.

My husband and I have eaten at Cafe du Lac before. It's a small resto in Mimico featuring great Quebecois comfort food. I called the restuarant a couple of days before and spoke with the chef. I ran through my checklist of nearly 10 questions and was assured that there were only two items with nuts on the menu - the cheese plate and the crepe with nutella. The chef assured me he would take every precaution - including using a clean cutting board, pan and utensils - to ensure we would be able to eat there safely.

We packed our sons two epi-pens, medical information, cell phone and set off.

Once we arrived I flagged my concerns once again with the waitress and asked her to double check with the chef. Again, I was assured every precaution would be taken. I ordered apple crepes with whipped cream and fresh seasonal fruit. DJ immediately dipped his fingers into the whipped cream and jammed several strawberries dripping with maple syrup into his mouth as soon as the plate hit the table. Hot, fresh and delicious. And thankfully, safe.

Next time, we plan on eating dinner there. The poutine is gut-busting good.

Please remember - Always do your own research before eating out with a severely allergic child. Call ahead and speak with the restaurant owner or chef, remind the staff once you arrive. Ask once again before you order and when the food arrives. Always carry an epi-pen, medical information and a cell phone. Understand there is always a risk.

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