Monday, June 22, 2009

The Big Apple

Without an online menu available, it's nearly impossible for me to tell if the Big Apple on the side of the 401 near Colborne is a suitable stop for lunch on our upcoming road-trip. We've been there countless times before and both love indulging in their apple pies. Unfortunately, an email request for information has bounced back as undeliverable. A phone call is in order.

Even if the menu turns out to be unsuitable, with outdoor areas for picnicing available and a well stocked petting zoo, the Big Apple may still turn out to be a viable alternative if we pack our own snacks. Still, a hot chicken sandwich would be nice.


  1. I think this site is a great idea. Living with a peanut allergy is difficult enough - finding ways to incorporate normal activities like eating out is terrific and will help lessen the restrictive feelings on both kids and adults.

  2. Site is a great idea - helps adults and kids incorportate routine events like eating out into their lives while living a somewhat restricted lifestyle.