Sunday, June 21, 2009

Caledon Inn

At least three times a year my husband and I hit the same trail in Hockley Valley. It's the perfect length, just long enough to feel like we've done something. Most times, on the way back into Toronto, we stop at our favourite pub, the Caledon Inn, for a snack. With a hike in mind for this afternoon, I called the pub yesterday to enquire if it would be safe for us to eat there now, considering DJ's life threatening peanut allergy. Even though there are no nuts, or nut products listed on the menu, the hostess that I spoke with told me they could take no special precautions whatsoever to enable us to continue eating there. A request to speak with either the chef or the manager was denied. Considering our patronage there over the years, their already seemingly nut free menu, and the minimal effort it would take to accommodate us, I'm disappointed to say the least. From now on, we'll have to pack our own snacks or find a new spot to nosh after hiking. Bugger. It looks like finding safe places to eat may be more difficult than I thought.

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