Monday, November 1, 2010

A Happy Halloween

Luckily, another Happy Halloween with no nut-related allergy problems. DJ was pumped to hit our street and canvas for candy. With both epi-pens and a cell handy, we headed out. After last year, we both felt pretty confident there wouldn't be any real issues as long we were careful. After coming home with a full bag of loot, we emptied the entire contents onto the kitchen table - away from DJ and sort it into two buckets - safe and not safe. The not safe bucket went on top of the fridge until DJ was tucked safely into bed for the evening. Then, we mowed down on a load of peanut butter cups, crispy crunch, wunderbar and o'henry's while watching a scary flick. I was particularly paranoid about dropping a reese's piece on the couch, but didn't. And once we were done, it was great to see all of the wrappers into the garbage and out the door, knowing there's now no chance any of the contraband will fall into DJ's hands.

One thing we did that that surprised me: a pack full of unshelled peanuts. I know not everyone goes out of their way to buy peanut free, but peanuts? Really?

Also sort of disappointing was to see neighbors that just last year, went out of their way to ensure they had nut free treats for DJ drop peanut butter cups into his bag. I've said before I don't expect my kids peanut allergy to be on top of every one's mind, so it wasn't like I was surprised. At the same time, it just reinforces that not everyone remembers and that reminding people about it is in your best safety interests.

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