Monday, November 1, 2010

Peanuts and Pregnancy

I ate tons of peanut butter when I was pregnant. I craved it constantly, and ate it several times a week. I've often guiltily wondered if my consumption played any role in DJ's peanut allergy. According to this article in the Post, maybe. Great. Nothing like a little maternal guilt to start the week.


  1. I have never been a big fan of peanuts/peanut butter so I rarely consumed them during my pregnancy/breast feeding days. My son does however have a mild (very mild) peanut allergy. His dairy and egg allergies are much more severe. I ate a lot of dairy and eggs while pregnant and breastfeeding. Mommy guilt can eat you up!

  2. I did not eat any nuts or peanuts during pregnancy or while nursing. Yet, my daughter wound up with an allery to both treenuts and peanuts!