Friday, November 5, 2010


We're both starting to itch to get out of the house more, now that the weather has turned and eating on the deck every night is 'off the table.' That's got me checking out allergen info at chain restaurants again, brushing up on potential possibilities. Montana's has a comprehensive allergen chart, and very few items with either peanuts or nuts. Everything on the kids dinner menu looks safe, and there are even a few desserts DJ could try. We may try it out tonight. Will blog more later.

To note - I couldn't find any allergen info for Canyon Creek or Red Lobster. I called the Red Lobster guest enquiry line and was greeted by a voice-mail telling me there was a department meeting and to leave my name and number. they're actually going to get back to me. As for Kelsey's I found their allergen warning non-informative and on the verge of insulting, like they simply can't be bothered. Then screw em!

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  1. Hi there,
    I'm not sure how current this is, but I do have an allergen chart for Kelseys:
    Hope this helps!