Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Round-Up

With my husband up at the lake - hoping to get up a bathroom before summer vacation rolls around - I was left to my own devices this weekend.

DJ is loving the company of other little kids, so I made sure to hook up lots of fun activities. Now that he's older, and is getting more social, I can see that the rules of keeping him safe are changing quickly and that we are going to have to be diligent when we're in new situations so that there aren't any problems.

First, we headed up to friend's in Unionville for a swim. After, with both tots hungry and impatient for the BBQ'd chicken burgers to be ready, my friend offered DJ a fruit popsicle. Even though it seems unlikely something ice-based with fruit juice would have nuts, I was immediately concerned because I consider all frozen desserts to most likely be unsafe; I've only found a couple that are okay (like some Chapmans ice-cream). I asked my friend to see the box; sure enough, they came with the 'may contain warning.' I had to tell DJ he couldn't have the popsicle. Admittedly, he was upset, and started crying, but got over it quickly when he was offered a juice box. BTW...I also asked a few questions about the grill, like if they ever bbq anything with a nutty marinade, like satay sauce. In the end, I considered it safe, and let DJ eat food from their bbq. He loved the chicken burger!

I have mentioned to my husband that I think we should get our own small portable bbq for similar situations. Particularly after another recent bbq outing, where chicken satay was served up (yeah...nice). In that situation, I clearly didn't remind my friend blatantly enough about DJ's allergies. I sort of thought they would remember (my mistake). They didn't, and it made for a fun but tense evening on our part, since clearly we were concerned. In the end, I didn't allow him to eat anything that had been on the bbq, and asked that his corn be boiled instead of grilled. It really did drive home that cooking surfaces can be contaminated to start.

Anyways I'm rambling...more to come.

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