Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DBV Gets FDA Go-Ahead

DBV Technologies has got the go ahead from the U.S. FDA to start clinical trials on its VIASKIN Peanut product for the desensitization to peanut allergy. Here's the release.

Basically, the company is working to develop a non-invasive method to treat IgE mediated food allergies, like peanut allergy. The product looks like a smokers patch; the principal of its use is to maintain an allergen on the skin of an allergic subject for repeated and prolonged periods in order to achieve clinical desensitization.

There's more information on the trial here with contact info for those looking to delve further.

While the clinical trial process can take time and there are no guarantee of positive results, it's studies like these that give me hope that a cure for this allergy will be found. Wouldn't that be awesome!

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