Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vermont Nut-Free Chocolates

Chocolate is a mainstay in our house at Christmas. I usually keep three to four boxes on hand for last-minute entertaining and of course, for holiday snacking.

Nuts and chocolate go hand in hand; nothing adds more depth to a delicious dark chocolate than the crunch of a nut. Maybe that's why crusing the grocery store aisle has been so sobering. Nearly all boxed chocolates have at least the "may contain" warning. The only one I've found that appears safe is After Eights.

The idea of a chocolate-free Christmas isn't sitting well with me. I want DJ to experience all of the fun that comes with the season - including noshing on chocolate now and then.

It's why I got online and ordered a whack of chocolate from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. It seems to be one of the only places that makes nut-free boxed chocolates. While the prices are a bit steep and delivery just adds to the cost, my thinking is that the extra money is worth being able to snack safely. I did feel guilty ordering nearly $80 worth of chocolate, but that included a chocolate santa for DJ's stocking, and plenty of small foiled wrapped shapes I'll use to decorate a gingerbread house, a long-standing tradition in our home.

Of course, now I've got to find a peanut-nut/nut-free gingerbread house kit. Every brand I've seen stocked in the stores so far simply isn't safe. I'll keep looking and let you know what I find.

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