Monday, December 14, 2009

A Christmas Miracle?

Maybe! It looks like I found a nut-free gingerbread house! I found it at Sears in the kids clothing department - the absolute last place I would have ever expected to find one. And I've been looking: at nearly every store I've been to in the last month. This one is from The Wild Baker.

There are no nuts or peanut products listed on the ingredients and there is an allergy caution that reads: Contains: Wheat and Soy.

I don't know why I'm getting caught up in all of the wording. Or maybe I do. Maybe it's because I am surprised there is no peanut-free symbol. While not every product that doesn't have peanuts in it carries that symbol, it just seems like in this specific case the maker would market it with the symbol. Having it would surely help drive sales since seemingly every other similar product has the 'may contain' warning. If the rest of their products are also peanut free, this would be a great resource.

As well. I think I'm also finding it hard to believe there really is no peanut; again, since all of the other comparable products have it. This is one case where I'll be calling the manufacturer to double check.

Keep your fingers crossed. The box has been sitting out for days now, and DJ is super excited to help me build and decorate it. He would be heart-broken if it didn't happen.


  1. I hope the Wild Baker kit works out for you!

    Here in the states we have for allergy friendly pre-baked gingerbread house kits and for bake-it-yourself kits. I had always heard NAFTA was the go-to company for inexpensive, easy-to-find peanut free gingerbread house and cookie kits in Canada. Do you have those near you? (How I used to wish we had them here till A & J started selling their kits!)

  2. I've never heard of nafta but i"ll check it out. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the info! I just saw your post on Peanut Allergy Kid and came over to check out your blog! Sounds like our experiences are very similar! I couldn't believe how many of your posts are things I have thought/written/wondered myself! Most blogs I've run across are from people who have already been there, done that and I've learned so much from them! But, it's also nice to find someone who is right where we are and are experiencing these things for the first time as well! My son was diagnosed w/a PA at 25 mo. old back in May '09. So, we're going through all of this for the first time as well and are trying to keep one step ahead w/all the nuts that come w/the holidays!

  4. oh yeah, for gingerbread houses, we ended up using graham crackers and homemade icing and then stocked up on all of our favorite safe candies (skittles, twizzlers, dots, smarties, etc.) bcs we just couldn't find a "safe" kit!