Thursday, August 20, 2009

Taking a Pass on Poutine

After a few hard days spent working clearing and burning what seemed like an entire forest at our lake-front property in Quebec, both my husband and I were in need of a treat. We headed into Fort Colounge, the nearest town, hoping to try out the local poutine. With only one chip truck in this small, picturesque town (it's got the longest covered bridge in the province!) we found ourselves out of luck. While the women working the stand assured us there were no peanuts or nuts in any of the actual menu items, she was unsure of what type of oil was in the deep fryer. While both of us were tempted to indulge, and just feed DJ something from his snack bag in the trunk, we declined. Eating something off limits in front of him seems exclusionary, something we both worry about. I hate the idea of DJ ever feeling left out because of his peanut allergy, and I would never want to have to deny him a bite of whatever I'm having because of it.

In the end, we split a coke and a bag of cheetos (I know...terrible eating habits) and headed back to cook up a more healthful meal of salmon skewers on the bbq. Better for us all anyways!

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