Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ice-Cream Trucks

I've asked a few owners of ice-cream trucks roving the downtown core if the soft serve ice-cream available is safe for peanut allergy sufferers and I've got the same answer several times. And that is that yes, it's safe, as long as no toppings like the chocolate dip, are consumed. Still, while at a local park I'm unconvinced since this particular vendor doesn't speak English and can't answer my questions. Instead, we choose a cherry slushy. Even though we can't inquire about its safety, it seems obvious to us; it's ice and syrup. We share one amongst the three of us, and DJ slurps it back, smacking his lips and declaring it "COLD! COLD! COLD!" The entire experience reminds us that living safely with a peanut allergy while still enjoying life is about being happy for what you can have and not focusing on what you can't.

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