Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dinner On The Fly

With friends in from out of town, we're set to hit downtown for dinner tonight. Peanut allergy really takes the spontaneity out of eating out, and even though I know our friends will be sympathetic to the situation, it's times like these that I dread. People that don't deal with this allergy on a daily basis don't always appreciate how dangerous it is and how difficult it can be to find somewhere safe to eat. With four adults and three kids in tow, dictating where we eat based on DJ's peanut allergy isn't something I'm comfortable with. And without input on preferences ahead of time, it's hard to research a safe spot that we're all happy with.

While we'll be bringing food from home for DJ to nosh on just in case. Still, I hope we can find a happy medium that satisfies every ones cravings and is safe for our tot.

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