Friday, August 28, 2009

Dinner on the Fly - Part II

Yesterday, I blogged about meeting up with friends from out of town, with the idea that we may go for dinner after swimming with the kids in the hotel pool. With another couple, and their two teenage sons thrown into the mix, we ended up opting out. The over-riding vote was for Chinese on Spadina...something my husband and I used to enjoy frequently. Rol San was our favourite. (I miss you General Tao!)

While we had spare food packed for DJ, taking him to a Chinese restaurant isn't something I think I will ever be comfortable with again. Both my husband and I agree that eating food DJ can't share isn't something we're going to do. It's exclusionary and potentialy dangerous too; little hands can grab fast. We really didn't want to waylay our friends plans and headed home.

With DJ tucked safely in bed, we ordered from our favourite sushi delivery, Sushi2Go. Incidentally, the women there thought I was crazy when I asked if there were any nuts in any of the products.

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  1. We avoid chineese as well. The cross contamination issue is too great.