Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Armouries Restaurant - Tower of London

The gusty winds and intermittent rainfall were the perfect backdrop to our visit to the Tower of London. The terrible weather made the place seem even more gloomy. Still, we were chilled to the bone after wandering around the site and decided it was time for a bite to eat. While we had packed snacks for DJ, eating outside simply wasn't an option and we headed into the New Armouries Restaurant on site.

The cafeteria style resto offered up a yummy looking selection of savoury pies, sandwiches and a few hot plates. While everything looked delcious, and we were starving, we were concerned about its saftey. A line-up built behind us while we asked a myraid of questions. Still, the server was patient with us and went to the back of the kitchen to speak with the manager, who quickly came out to answer our questions. No...none of the menu items had any peanuts or nuts used in the recipes, and all of the items were made fresh on the premise. I asked about the potential for there to be traces of nuts in the deep fryer and was again told that there was very little possibility since no nuts were used in any of the items, with the exception of some of the desserts, none of which came near the deep-fryer.

After holding up the line sufficiently, we decided to split a fish and chips with mushy peas. There were no problems - unless you count DJ flinging his yogurt all over a woman sitting nearby. On the unlikely chance she ever reads this - thanks for being so patient while I wiped a considerable amount of yogurt off the back of your sweater!

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