Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A McDonalds Scare

When I saw the news that McDonald's had introduced its two new McMini sandwiches in pesto and spicy Thai, I felt dismayed. I immediately associate both of these terms - pesto and Thai - with nuts and envisioned no longer being able to count on McDonald's for a safe treat.

Of course, before DJ's peanut allergy was diagnosed, I was determined to keep him away from McDonald's and similar fast food places in general. My husband and I rarely ate at them before and with Toronto's awesome selection of cheap places to eat, it seemed like we could easily find tastier and healthier food at nearly as low prices.

Of course, all of that has changed. With limited safe choices, and DJ's unabiding love for nuggets, it's become somewhat of a go-to in certain situations, like when we're on the way to the lake.

Anyways, I was relieved to see there are no peanuts or nuts in either of the new McMini's. The nutritional content is available on the website. Yippee.


  1. Yup. McDonald's is one of the safest places to eat for nut allergies (I also LOVE Swiss Chalet b/c their menu is very clear about what may contain nuts etc). The only nuts in a McD's are the individually packaged nuts for sundaes and their cookies may contain b/c they are made in an American factory that also products cookies with nuts.
    As for healthy choices, McD's still has healthy choices like salads, yogurt parfaits (their granola topping is awesome) etc. It's all about choice. :)

  2. I love Swiss Chalet too, but am reluctant to eat their with DJ after his allergist told us that was where she suffered her last reaction. She ordered apparently safe items, but cross contamination resulted in a serious reaction. Although admittedly, we ate there several times before DJ was diagnosed with absolutely no problem.