Friday, January 22, 2010

A Toronto Treasure Turns out to be Nut-Free!

My husband and I both really love Indian food. Unfortunately, the local restos we tend to order from all use cashewpaste in their dishes, so we've stopped ordering from them. One of our long-standing favourite take-aways is Gandhi on Queen West (at Bathurst). The butter chicken rotis are the best I've ever had, with the blend of spices just right.

We like to order half and half - splitting both a butter chicken and saag paneer roti, its tender chunks of Indian cottage cheese the perfect complement to the spicy spinach. Mo

Split in half to share with the saag paneer, with its soft and delicious chunks of Indian cottage cheese. it was one of our favourite ways to spend dinner in, or lunch on the fly.

Since DJ was diagnosed it was one of the place's I've almost been afraid to check. It's not like we would feed DJ from there anyways, because we like to order it hot, but in keeping with our nut-free home policy, we simply assumed it probably wasn't safe.

What a thrill to find out it is! They use no nuts or peanuts in any of their products and the oil in the fryers is vegetable.

One word of caution. Mother India, further west on Queen, and owned by the same proprietors, is NOT SAFE. At least that's according to the people I've spoken to at Gandhi who say that their spin-off serves a couple of nut-laden desserts. Of course, I'll be sure to check for myself since Mother India means about 15 minutes less in the car for a take-out trip. I'll blog more later when I find out.

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  1. Gosh I could go for Indian food...! Congrats on the find! :) Jennifer B