Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Peanut Allergy Test in the Works

It looks like there's could be a new test to determine who really is at risk from anaphylaxis from peanut allergy. Here's more on that.

One common thread that I've noticed on the comment boards, is that many people believe those affected by peanut allergy aren't truly allergic, that most are misdiagnosed and that hysterical, hyper-vigilant moms create drama where there is none.

Some information in this article actually supports that, saying that in a new study, only 1 in two kids that had a positive skin of blood test had a true peanut allergy as diagnosed by an oral challenge.

I wish that were the case in our situation. How awesome would it be to find out that DJ was really only allergic to grass, or pollen? Unfortunately, that's unlikely. We found out DJ was allergic after eating peanut butter smeared on toast. A skin test further confirmed his allergy.

Still, this sounds like a test that will give a lot of people back their freedom to eat without fear.

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