Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pizza Express

Pizza Express was listed on a UK-based allergy website as a potential safe place to eat. After this response, I think we'll have to give it a miss. While it does look they are very allergy aware, I'm simply not comfortable given the variety of different nuts being used. I think its just easier - and safer - to pick a place that don't have a lot of nutty items to start with.

Thank you for your email.
We use various nut items within our menu items that contain nuts, such as pine nuts, pistachio nuts, peanuts etc.
Our menu states that the items listed with the 'n' symbol next to them denotes that that item contains nuts as an ingredient or as a topping.
Kitchen staffs are trained to ensure that when they are notified of a nut allergy customer (which is not uncommon) they do take extra care during preparation and cooking to prevent possible cross contamination.
We do have nut items in the kitchens which we recommend are used from dispensing bottles to prevent cross contamination such as spillages & drops onto other products. We also have a storage policy for ensuring nut items are stored at bottom of fridges etc. to prevent cross contamination.
I must stress that despite all these measures, PizzaExpress could not offer (as with many other restaurants) a 100% guarantee that cross contamination could not occur.
I recommend that if you wish to discuss your allergy and preventative
procedures at your local restaurant, please contact the manager directly.
I hope this information has helped you, if we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us again

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