Monday, August 9, 2010

Lake Lessons

Back from another fun trip to the lake and happy to report no incidences with DJ's peanut allergy. There were definitely a couple of (potential) close calls, which just reminded me that we've got to stay vigilant.

The first was when Paul, the quasi-director of the lake we're on stopped by with his truck. DJ loves that truck, and was asking all week if Paul was going to bring it. He was hoping to sit in it, which he's done many, many times since we've been going to the lake for three years now. This time, however, before I popped him in, I saw a grocery bag on the front seat. I didn't want to snoop, but asked Paul's daughter if there was anything potentially dangerous to DJ (knowing full well he would likely rummage through it if left to his own devices). Indeed, there was a bag of open cashews, half eaten. I explained to DJ why he couldn't sit in the truck, and he seemed fine with it.

Which reminds looks like the lessons we've been teaching DJ are paying off. Several times in the last couple of weeks he's questioned both Rick and I when we give him food, asking "is it peanut-free/" I know he still doesn't know what that means exactly, but at least he's aware and learning.

As for Storyland, we didn't make it there. I never heard back from the company asking for clarification about their distribution line, which was disappointing, although that's not why we didn't go. Simply didn't have enough time, so hopefully next month.

I'd encourage everyone to read the somewhat nasty comment, posted of course, by someone anonymous, ripping me for complaining about Storyland. Maybe an over-reaction on my part, yet, but at the same time, the company never answered my original question. I sincerely hope that anonymous email didn't originate from the company itself, but my spidey senses are tingling.

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  1. Hi there! Sorry about your anonymous commenter. I agree with you that a peanut free option shouldn't be such a problem. I've been so impressed with the restaurants that are allergy aware here from McDonald's to Boston Pizza. But places that are for kids like the Rainforest Cafe in Niagara Falls really should be going all out to keep kids safe and to avoid excluding anyone. (That place was AWESOME in this regard by the way). Storyland can definitely do better.

    Oh and on a side note, our trip to Canada has been great but my son did have one reaction, possibly to peanut (insert expletive here) from a mini kids table on the neighbour's lawn that probably hadn't been wiped off properly. Benedryl did the trick, but it really scares me to know that he reacted (hives and a little swelling on his chin and one cheek) and he didn't even eat anything!