Monday, November 16, 2009

Precautionary Labelling and Health Canada

Health Canada is working to improve the current approach to precautionary labelling of priority allergens in prepackaged foods sold in Canada. Those looking to add their two cents can take advantage of two different options: a web-based consultation that includes a discussion document and a brief survey, or participation in regional workshops.

It's great that Health Canada is taking the initiative to improve precautionary labelling. For me, though, I'm not sure I understand how certain proposed changes would help, simply because 'may contain' still means there is a risk associated with the product and has therefore, become strictly off-limits for consumption in our household. I guess it might reduce the number of precautionary labels that are included on packaging where no real risk exists. Eliminating those would be definitely increase food choices in our house.

Here's the official blurb from the website with the links included. There's also more info there on the regional workshops.

We invite you or another member of your organization to participate in the web-based consultation by reading the discussion document, Precautionary Labelling of Priority Allergens in Prepackaged Foods available on Health Canadas Food Allergen Labelling Webpage and answering the accompanying questions.

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